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  • Maternity Package

    Every year, Parkway East Hospital welcomes the birth of more than 2,000 babies and we continue to be one of the leading private hospitals that provides an extensive suite of obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric and neonatal services.

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  • Diagnostic Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy

    Please approach your doctor for more details on these bundles.

    Procedure Hospital Fees Doctor Fees Total Bundle Price Medisave Claimable Limit
    Diagnostic Gastroscopy 436 500 936 650
    Diagnostic Colonoscopy 484 1,300 1,784 1,250

    All prices in SGD, inclusive of 7% GST

    Terms & Conditions

    • Bundles under this programme apply to standard procedures without complications.
    • Bundles are applicable only at Parkway East Hospital and for patients who self-pay in full to the hospital. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. The hospital will assist with the submission of claims for Medisave, MediShield and Integrated Shield Plans.
    • Prices include hospital stay, operation costs, doctor fees (surgeon and anaesthetist within normal bounds) and GST. Pre-admission investigations, post-hospital follow-up treatment and outpatient charges are excluded.
    • Prices may be revised without advance notice.
    • Other terms and conditions may apply.

    Prices are correct as of 9 March 2018

  • Cancer Screening

    Gastric Cancer

    Gastric or stomach cancer is one of the top 10 most common cancers among both men and women in Singapore. Certain factors increase the risk of gastric cancer, such as:

    • Having a helicobacter pylori infection, which can be treated with antibiotics
    • Excessive smoking
    • Excessive alcohol consumption

    Some common symptoms of gastric cancer include:

    • Heartburn (burning sensation) and indigestion
    • Loss of appetite
    • Bloating of the stomach, usually after meals
    • Abdominal pain in the upper abdomen (belly)
    • Nausea and occasional vomiting
    • Frequent diarrhoea or constipation
    • Weight loss
    • Vomiting blood or having blood in stools

    If you are above the age of 50, experience some of these symptoms or have a family history of gastric cancer, you are advised to see a specialist for a gastroscopy.

    A gastroscopy is an examination of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum (first part of the small intestine) by inserting a long and flexible camera to view your stomach and take biopsies (tissue samples) for testing.

    Abnormal cells can also be removed by this procedure, without the need for additional surgery.

    Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer Can Save Your Life

    Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon (large intestine) or rectum, and is one of the most common cancers in Singapore. When the disease starts to develop, there may be no symptoms for several weeks or months. As the cancer progresses, typical symptoms may include:

    • Abdominal pain
    • Blood in stools
    • Change in bowel movements
    • Narrow stools
    • Unexplained weight loss

    Screening for Colorectal Cancer

    A colonoscopy is used to investigate the symptoms of colorectal cancer. This test allows the doctor to examine your colon to the end of your small intestine from the rectum. Colonoscopy is the only method that can detect all abnormal tissue growths, also known as polyps. Polyps can also be removed during the procedure.

    Colorectal cancer screening should be part of your routine healthcare if you are 50 years and above. Those with high risk of colon cancer should undergo screening even earlier.

    For more information, please call our 24-hour helpline at +65 6377 3737 to enquire or to make an appointment.

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  • Cataract Procedure

    Cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness among the elderly. Cataract refers to the clouding of the natural clear lens in the eye. If you have a cataract, you may notice your vision becoming cloudy, blur or dim. Other symptoms include:

    • Sensitivity to light and glare
    • Halos around lights
    • Difficulty seeing in dim light
    • Increasing myopia or frequent change of spectacles power

    There are many causes of cataract and the most common is ageing. As the ageing population continues to increase, the number of cataract cases will also increase. Other risk factors include diabetes, severe myopia, trauma and the use of certain medications such as steroids. Cataracts can also be present at birth.

    Vision loss can adversely impact a person’s overall health and quality of life. Cataracts can impair your vision to the point of affecting your daily activities. Removing cataracts can be done through cataract surgery.

    One of the latest techniques of cataract removal is called phacoemulsification or 'phaco', where a small incision is made and an ultrasound device is passed into the eye to break up the cataract before suctioning it out. Suturing is not required and the faster recovery time allows most patients to return to their daily activities much earlier. After removal of the cataract, the next essential step is inserting an artificial intra-ocular lens implant to replace the originally cloudy lens.

    Parkway East Hospital offers cataract surgery with a normal intra-ocular lens implant to correct this eye condition.

    Procedure Package Medisave claimable amount
    Cataract surgery with normal intraocular lens implant $1,737* $2,450


    *All prices in SGD, inclusive of 7% GST. Prices exclude doctor's professional fees.

    Call our 24-hour helpline at +65 6377 3737 to enquire or to make an appointment.

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