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Paediatric Conditions

Children (Paediatrics)

Tomorrow made better children

Difficult times remind us why we should always be prepared.

Which is why spotting health problems early, and treating them quickly, is vital to a smooth and speedy recovery.

Cuts and bruises, sprains from falls and pains from falling ill are all part of growing up. But when it comes to our children, what matters is how quickly we can help them return to being active, happy, and healthy.

Our paediatric unit is dedicated to achieving that with high quality medical, surgical and rehabilitative care for children - from the moment of birth, right up to the age of 13. From diagnosis through treatment (both surgical and non-surgical), rehabilitation, recovery and management of a child's condition, quality care is a hallmark of the Parkway East experience. This extends back at home, with patient-family education complementing the recovery of our young patients.

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