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Hand Surgery

  • Overview

    Parkway East, Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery

    At Parkway East Hospital we have experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons, who are readily supported by a team of nurses and physiotherapists.

    Hand Surgery

    Our team of Hand Surgeons is experienced and skilled in surgical treatment to optimise the functionality of your hands, wrists and/or forearms.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of services, with detailed consultation and clinical examinations right from the beginning to determine the best course of treatment for you, rehabilitative care, and even 24-hour emergency care for hand surgeries.

    You can count on us to support you through your journey to recovery. Heal with confidence and get an estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses with Integrated Shield Plan coverage using our hospital bill estimator.

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    Following the diagnosis of the injury or disorder, you may receive treatment consisting of medication, injections, referral to the rehabilitation team, surgery, and other treatment options.

    Orthopaedics Surgeries that we offer:

    • Joint Reconstructive Surgery
    • Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery
    • Minimally invasive Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery
    • Unicondylar Knee Replacements
    • Spine Surgery
    • Articificial Disc Replacements
    • Lumbar/Cervical/ Thoracic Disc Surgery
    • Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
    • Sports Surgery
    • Arthroscopic Surgery of the Joints (Knee, Shoulder and Elbow)
    • Cartilage Resurfacing and Reconstruction Techniques
    • Ligament Repair and Reconstruction (ACL Reconstruction)
    • Supervised Treatment of Sports Injuries
    • Trauma Surgery

    Hand Surgery Services we offer:

    • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release
    • Ganglion Cyst/ Tumour Treatment
    • Hand, Wrist, Forearm Fractures
    • Sports Injuries
    • Tendon, Nerve and Joint Injuries Treatment
    • Trigger Finger/ De Quervains Disease Treatment
    • Wrist Sprains and Arthroscopy

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  • Heal with Confidence

    We focus on offering a quality care treating you from the initial stage of diagnosis, all the way through treatment (both surgical and non-surgical), rehabilitation, recovery and management of your condition. Part of our commitment at Parkway East Hospital is to ease your recovery through patient family education so that you can manage part of your recuperation effectively from home.

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