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CT Coronary Angiogram

  • What is a CT coronary angiogram?

    A CT coronary angiogram is a relatively painless non-invasive examination that uses computed tomography (CT) to look at the blood vessels that supplies the heart muscle (the coronary arteries).

    You can refer to our CT Coronary Angiogram guide for more information about the diagnostic examination.

  • A (CT) coronary angiogram is mainly used to check for narrowed or blocked arteries in your heart (coronary artery disease).

    The CT technology allows us to produce more accurate and high quality images of the coronary arteries. 3-D and angiogram-like representations can be created from data obtained using computing power.

    The CT scan can also capture the images of the lumen of the coronary arteries as well as the presence of calcified and non-calcified plaques in the wall of the arteries.

    CT coronary angiography is currently a safe and non-invasive examination to detect such plaques directly.

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