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FAQs for International Patients

In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation around the world, several policies and advisories have been put in place in Singapore for the purposes of public safety, and to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

At Parkway East Hospital, we are committed to sharing authoritative health-related information and providing ongoing medical support for you wherever possible.

For our international patients, you can continue to reach out to our Parkway Regional Offices for medical enquiries and information on our doctors and treatments.

Rest assured we will do our best to address your health concerns and ensure you get the care that you need. Stay safe.

I would like to make an appointment to see a specialist in Parkway East Hospital. Can I still go?

We are currently unable to accept new medical appointments due to local regulations that restrict short-term visitors from any country from entering Singapore. However, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will advise our Parkway Regional Offices on any developments.

Please contact the Parkway Regional Office in your home country for the latest updates, and for continued advice on medical or doctor-related enquiries.

Contact details for Parkway Regional Offices: https://www.parkwayeast.com.sg/plan-your-visit/patient-assistance-centres

If I have been tested negative for COVID-19 before coming to Singapore, can I still go to Singapore?

No, all short-term visitors from any country will not be able to enter into Singapore even if they have a negative COVID-19 test.

Who can go to Singapore for medical treatments?

Existing patients who require critical follow-ups or medical evacuation (approval is based on a case-by-case basis) may still go to Singapore. Their attending specialists can request for a waiver of the requirement to enter Singapore ONLY if ALL of the following criteria is fulfilled:

  • The patient has healthcare needs requiring specialist management that cannot be met in his/her home country AND
  • The patient is currently under the attending specialist’s active follow-up AND
  • The attending specialist certifies that delay in continuation of treatment will lead to serious, life-threatening adverse outcomes

If approved, a waiver approval letter will be sent to the patient. The patient is allowed to bring only 1 accompanying visitor to Singapore and upon arrival, the patient (and accompanying visitor) will need to serve a 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN). During this 14-day SHN, the patient (and accompanying visitor) will be allowed to leave their residence to go for medical appointments but he/she must liaise with the SHN duty officer beforehand and get an acknowledgement. For medical evacuation patients who require direct admission to the hospital, they may serve the 14-day SHN in the hospital but their accompanying visitor will need to serve the 14-day SHN in a separate residence as they are not allowed to enter our hospital.

Please take note that due to our hospitals' internal policy, only the patient (and not the accompanying visitor) will be allowed to enter our hospitals.

Please contact the Parkway Regional Office in your home country for more information and assistance.

Contact details for Parkway Regional Offices: https://www.parkwayeast.com.sg/plan-your-visit/patient-assistance-centres

I have received the waiver letter to go to Singapore. What will happen when I arrive?

An existing patient (and accompanying visitor) who has gotten the waiver approval to go to Singapore will need to serve a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN). Upon arrival at Singapore immigration, you will be required to:

  • Provide a copy of the waiver approval letter
  • Provide proof of accommodation
    • For hotel accommodation, the booking must cover the entire period of the SHN
    • For residential home accommodation (friends, relatives, own), please provide a valid home address and the contact number of his/her friend/relative for verification purpose
  • You (and accompanying visitor) must clear health checks at immigration and may be subjected to a swab test before being allowed entry into Singapore
  • You should monitor your temperature and health for at least the first 14 days following arrival and seek medical attention early if unwell. If a patient develops fever or any respiratory symptoms, he/she should be admitted to the attending specialist’s hospital, isolated and tested for COVID-19

Beyond the end of the SHN period, you (and accompanying visitor) should limit travel to the minimum beyond travelling between our hospital and your residence, and avoid crowded places while in Singapore.

What will I need to comply with the Stay-Home Notice (SHN)?

A person issued with a stay-home notice is to stay at the declared residence (eg. hotel, residential home) at all times during the 14-day period. The SHN duty Officer will check on you regularly. If you are required to go for medical appointments, you will need to inform the SHN duty Officer beforehand and get an acknowledgement before leaving the residence. However, due to our hospital’s internal policy, your accompanying visitor will not be allowed to enter our hospital.

How is the 14-day Stay-Home Notice period calculated?

Upon arrival at Singapore, you will start the SHN on the same day as Day 0. The 14-day SHN calculation will start the next day (Day 1) for a 14-day period. You will be able to leave Singapore after the end of the 14-day period.

For example:
Arrive at Singapore: 1 April 2020 (Day 0)
14-day Stay-Home Notice: 2 April – 15 April 2020 (Day 1 – 14)
Allowed to leave Singapore: 16 April 2020 onwards

You may use the SHN calculator link below to calculate your SHN period:

Am I allowed to have visitors at my residence while serving the 14-day SHN?

No, visitors are not allowed.

Will I be able to leave my residence to buy food if I’m on SHN?

No, you may turn to home delivery services or enlist the help of others for your daily necessities.