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Tonsillectomy (Tonsil Removal)

  • What is Tonsillectomy?

    Tonsillectomy is a surgery to remove the palatine tonsils from the top of your throat. This procedure is done to treat inflammation of the tonsils, also known as tonsillitis.


  • The tonsils form a part of the immune system and produce antibodies to fight germs that attack the mouth. The tonsils can become infected and enlarged, causing tonsillitis. There are 2 types of tonsillitis:

    • Acute tonsillitis, which refers to the occasional tonsil infection
    • Recurrent tonsillitis, which refers to recurring tonsil infections

    If you are having an infected or inflamed tonsil, you may notice that your throat is red, and tonsils are covered in a whitish or yellow coating. You may also have chronic sleep apnoea related to enlarged tonsils or snoring that disrupts your sleep.

  • A tonsillectomy may be recommended to prevent the following:

    • Frequent, recurring episodes of tonsillitis
    • Pain on one side of the throat
    • Sleep apnoea
    • Breathing problems resulting from swollen or enlarged tonsils
    • Bleeding on the tonsils
  • The treatment for tonsillitis depends on the cause and severity of the condition. Your doctor will perform a throat swab to check for streptococcal bacteria, or a complete blood cell count to determine the cause of the infection. Depending on the results of your tests, your doctor will recommend the treatment that suits you best.

    The benefits of having a tonsillectomy include:

    • Lowered risk of throat infections
    • Reduced need for medication such as antibiotics
    • Fewer medical visits
    • Improved quality of life
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