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Corneal Transplant (Artificial and Conventional)

  • What is Corneal Transplant (Artificial and Conventional)?

    When the cornea becomes cloudy due to disease or injury, light rays are unable to pass through to reach the retina (the light-sensitive portion of the eye). This can lead to poor vision or blindness. The cornea can be damaged by:

    • Corneal injuries
    • Infections
    • Age-related degeneration

    Corneal transplant is a surgical procedure that replaces the cloudy/scarred cornea with a clear donor cornea to improve your vision.

    The usual corneal transplant surgery uses penetrating keratoplasty (replacement of the entire cornea). However, a new and more advanced procedure called lamellar keratoplasty (partial corneal transplant) replaces only the diseased parts of the cornea, without affecting your healthy corneal tissue.

  • If you have poor vision due to a diseased or cloudy cornea but have a healthy nerve and retina at the back of your eye, you may benefit from a corneal transplant to restore your vision. As the damaged cornea can look cloudy, replacement with a clear donor cornea can also be a cosmetic improvement.

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