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Lumpectomy (Breast Lump Removal)

  • What is a Breast Lump Removal?

    Lumpectomy, also known as breast lump removal, is a form of surgery performed on the breast to remove a lump that may be cancerous. Tissue around the lump may also be removed through this procedure. Breast lumps can be an indication of cancer, but they are actually very common even among healthy women. Finding a breast lump can be frightening. However, 9 out of 10 women who go to their doctors with breast lumps, have a benign disorder. That means the breast lumps are not malignant or cancerous.

  • There are different types of lumps in the breast and not all of them are cancerous. Breast lumps can be caused by infections, injuries, non-cancerous growths, and cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer afflicting women. More than 25% of all cancers diagnosed in women are breast cancers. Between 2011 and 2015, about 1927 women were diagnosed to have breast cancer in Singapore each year. Incidence of breast cancer is increasing every year and patients are diagnosed at a younger age.

    Breast lumps are actually very common, especially in premenopausal women, and they normally vary with and go away by the end of the menstrual cycle.

  • Breast lump removal is performed to prevent a cancerous tumour from spreading to other parts of your body. Whether a doctor can perform a lumpectomy depends on the size and stage of the tumour and certain patient characteristics such as the size of your breast.

    Benefits of going for a breast lump removal include:

    • Minimal scarring to the breast with small incision (scar is about 2 – 5cm in size)
    • Only a small piece of tissue is removed, which leaves much of your breast’s appearance and sensations intact
    • Minimal downtime with quick recovery and patients can return to normal activity shortly after procedure
    • Shorter length of hospital stays, which ranges from day surgery to 2 days of stay
  • Early detection and treatment of breast abnormalities increase the chances of recovery with minimal disruption to the breast tissue. It’s important to examine your breasts regularly for signs of change and report any abnormal findings to your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and follow-up treatment. Breast lumps or changes in the breast should not be ignored. There are a number of benign or non-cancerous breast conditions and diseases that if correctly diagnosed, are relatively easy to treat and keep under control.

    During examination, the surgeon would ask about your personal and family medical history, and the changes you have noticed in your breast. A surgeon will examine the lump from its size, texture and the way it moves within the breast. Benign (non-cancerous) lumps often feel different from cancerous lumps. The surgeon will then order a mammogram or ultrasound and may recommend a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedure to obtain a sample of the affected breast tissue (a biopsy) to be sent to the lab for testing and diagnosis. How your breast lump is treated thereafter depends on the biopsy results.

  • To help patients make informed decisions, Parkway East Hospital provides price transparency through its Price Guarantee Procedures here. A day case procedure is fixed at $6,888 while hospital stays in a 4-bedded room and single room are $8,888 and $9,988 respectively — all inclusive of hospital and doctor’s fees, as well as GST. This price guarantee ensures you know the full costs of your procedure upfront without needing to worry about hidden costs.

    We also accept bill financing from both local and international private hospitalisation insurance and MediSave-approved insurance known as Integrated Shield Plans. If you have an Integrated Shield Plan, you may not have to incur any out-of-pocket expenses for your hospital stay.

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