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Vascular Surgery

  • What is Vascular Surgery?

    Vascular surgery is a subspecialisation of general surgery that deals with problems of the vascular system (network of arteries and veins). Vascular conditions can be complex, thus vascular surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with comprehensive care and rehabilitation programmes. This approach involves surgeons, technologists, vascular specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and researchers. You will therefore receive holistic and committed care, which allows you to regain a good quality of life. Vascular surgery includes a wide range of medical therapy, diagnostic procedures, interventional neuroradiology, endovascular neurosurgery, minimally invasive procedures, as well as surgical reconstruction.

  • Vascular surgery may be recommended for a wide range of conditions that affect the vascular system. Foe example, its used to treat peripheral vascular diseases, such as acute or chronic limb ischaemia (lack of blood supply to the limb) in diabetics.

    Vascular surgery may also be needed to repair aortic aneurysm, which is a bulge in the wall of the artery.This bulge may rupture and lead to bleeding and severe complications.

    If you have renal failure, you can undergo vascular surgery for vascular access creation (whereby a small tube is inserted in the arm or leg for easy access to the bloodstream) and maintenance. In addition, vascular surgery can also be used to treat venous diseases, such as arterio-venous malformations (abnormal connection between arteries and veins), varicose veins (enlarged and twisted veins), deep vein thrombosis (formation of blood clots in deep veins) and venous leg ulcers.

    The surgery aims to treat vein or artery problems through the multidisciplinary participation of endocrinologists, wound care nurses and vascular fellows, as well as education and rehabilitation physicians.

  • At Parkway East Hospital, you can look forward to receive treatment in a warm and comforting environment. Our friendly staff and specialists are here to see you through each step of your journey towards recovery.

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