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Insulin Administration

  • What is Insulin Administration?

    Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreatic cells. It controls the blood glucose (sugar) levels and helps change glucose into energy for use or storage. People with type 1 diabetes suffer from a complete lack of insulin in the body, due to the destruction of the pancreatic cells responsible for insulin production.

    To survive, type 1 diabetes patients need a daily injection of insulin, a process known as insulin administration. Type 2 diabetes patients might also need insulin administration if the body needs more insulin than it can produce.

  • Insulin administration is needed daily to control your blood glucose levels if you have type 1 diabetes. The exact dose of insulin varies and is calculated by your doctor. If an insulin overdose occurs, the blood sugar concentration can become too low, which can result in a coma and even death.

    Orange juice, table sugar or any other pure form of sugar is usually given to raise blood sugar level. Glucose can also be injected into the bloodstream if the patient is in a coma. If the insulin dose is not enough, the patient can go into a coma, just as in an overdose. A test of blood glucose levels is needed to distinguish between these 2 types of comas. A low blood glucose level means the patient has received an overdose of insulin, while a high level means they do not have enough insulin.

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