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Flexible Pleuroscopy

  • What is Flexible Pleuroscopy?

    A flexible pleuroscopy is a medical examination that allows your doctor to visualise the space between your lung and the chest wall, called the pleural cavity. The pleural cavity facilitates the optimal performance of the lungs during breathing. An instrument called a pleuroscope, which consists of a thin tube attached to a camera, is inserted through the chest wall. The procedure does not usually require general anaesthesia. It is done using conscious sedation, which is medication that makes you sleepy and relaxed. Sometimes an ultrasound may be used to determine the most suitable point for the pleuroscope's entry.

  • Pleuroscopy is used to diagnose the cause of the abnormal build-up of fluid in the pleural cavity. Using flexible pleuroscopy, your doctor can examine the pleural cavity and perform biopsies (collection of tissue specimens of the lung) under the guidance of video images. Medications can sometimes be sprayed onto the pleural surface during the procedure to stop fluid reaccumulation.

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