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Greenlight Laser Therapy

  • What is Greenlight Laser Therapy?

    Greenlight laser therapy is a minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery used to alleviate symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. It consists of inserting a small, thin and flexible fibre into the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder) through an instrument called a cytoscope. Laser energy is passed through the fibre to heat the excess prostate tissue and cause it to vaporise. This unblocks the urethra and restores normal urine flow from the bladder to the penis.

  • Greenlight laser therapy is commonly used to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic yhperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlargement of the prostate. This treatment restores normal urine flow from the bladder and also eases your urinary symptoms almost immediately. Greenlight laser therapy offers many benefits over conventional surgery. It is generally done as an outpatient procedure or at most an overnight hospital stay. The recovery from laser surgery is very fast and the catheter (tube) used to drain out urine after an enlarged prostate procedure stays in place for less than 24 hours.

    Greenlight laser therapy can also be used to alleviate symptoms or complications associated with blocked urine flow. It can be used to manage recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney damage, bladder stones and incontinence (urine leakage).

  • At Parkway East Hospital, you can look forward to receive treatment in a warm and comforting environment. Our friendly staff and specialists are here to see you through each step of your journey towards recovery.  

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