Using Your Health Insurance

We believe in being clear and transparent about hospital billing and health insurance to ensure you have a seamless and pleasant experience throughout your stay with us.

Find out how you can use insurance to cover your Parkway East Hospital medical bills.

Health insurance plans accepted at Parkway East Hospital

We accept both local and international healthcare insurance policies to cover your bills for hospital treatments and follow-up care. Be assured as you seek treatment at our facilities and recover with peace of mind.

If you have an Integrated Shield Plan and a full rider that covers you for private hospitals, you may be eligible for our Cashless Service. With this service, you can be admitted for treatment at Parkway East Hospital with no payment needed at admission or discharge.

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How to use your insurance

Here is what you need to know about the insurance process before admission at our hospitals:

1. Check your coverage

Contact your insurance provider or agent to find out the amount of coverage your Integrated Shield Plan provides for your treatment at our hospitals.

You can also call or WhatsApp Parkway Insurance Concierge at +65 9834 0999 to find out about Integrated Shield Plan coverage, referrals to panel doctors and booking an appointment.

2. Pre-authorise your treatment with your insurer

Pre-authorisation is always recommended for planned treatments. It can ease the claim process and may help you enjoy higher coverage. Where possible, we recommend that you seek pre-authorisation from your insurers before beginning treatment.

3. Obtain a letter of guarantee (eLOG)

Upon admission, please provide your identification number to our admission personnel. The letter of guarantee can be raised electronically through our system for the deposit.

The letter of guarantee is a waiver of part or all of the upfront cash deposit. It can typically be issued for up to $10,000, depending on your Integrated Shield Plan.

To confirm the amount you can obtain for a waiver of deposit, please check with your insurance provider.

4. Pay the deposit

Upon admission, you will need to pay the full deposit for your bill at the admissions counter, unless a Cashless application has been approved in writing 3 to 7 days before admission.

To use MediSave, Medishield Life, Integrated Shield Plan or a combination of these, you will be required to authorise the Medical Claims Authorisation Forms (MCAF). This can be done at our Business Office.

5. Pay the hospital bill at discharge

Depending on the terms of your LOG, we will collect the full amount of the hospital bill from you upon your discharge.

Find out more about paying your bill.

6. Claim your hospital bill

Your bill is typically submitted 3 working days post-discharge. The hospital bill is submitted via our electronic claims system and sent to your Integrated Shield Plan’s insurance provider directly for processing.

There is no need for you to submit further paperwork. Most claims are fully reimbursed in 6 to 8 weeks.

If there are out-of-pocket costs to be incurred, you may also use your MediSave, subject to claim limits and corporate insurance (if any) to offset your cash outlay.

Have questions about insurance?

Insurance coverage, referrals and appointments

Contact Parkway Insurance Concierge to find out about Integrated Shield Plan coverage, referrals to panel doctors and booking an appointment. Call or WhatsApp +65 9834 0999.

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An Integrated Shield Plan rides on top of your existing MediShield Life Plan to provide additional coverage for Class B1 or A wards in restructured hospitals and private hospitals. However, if you have an Integrated Shield Plan without rider, you will be entitled to pay for your deductible and co-insurance before the insurer pays the remainder of the bill.

A full rider can further deduct your out-of-pocket costs to 5% of the total bill size, and can even be capped at $3,000 if you go for the insurance company’s panel doctor, get pre-authorisation, or both.

To make an Integrated Shield Plan claim for your treatment, you only need to inform our hospital staff that you wish to do so, and the hospital will submit the claims for you.

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If you have international health insurance coverage with credit facility with our hospitals, you can use it to pay your private hospital bill. These health insurance plans provide the option of being treated in Singapore or in another country within your zone of cover.

Such international insurance plans include those from BUPA, Cigna, Aetna, Allianz.