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Rest and recover in one of our private rooms and suites that offer warmth and comfort in a soothing setting. Browse our selection of rooms at Parkway East Hospital to find one that fits your unique needs.

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Parkway East Hospital

Single Room

From $778

Room size: 19m2

Our single rooms are designed with privacy at their heart, providing you a personal space that is comfortable and warm – with ample amenities to match.

2-Bedded Room

From $365

Room size: 29m2

Our 2-bedded rooms at Parkway East are well-appointed, spacious and cosy, allowing you to rest and recover comfortably.

4-Bedded Room

From $261

Room size: 58m2

Our 4-bedded rooms at Parkway East are designed to integrate comfort and warmth into your personal space, allowing you to recover comfortably.

Deluxe Room

From $917

Room size: 21m²

Our deluxe rooms at Parkway East offer you a lush recovery experience that ensures your privacy, warmth, and comfort.

Orchid / Hibiscus Suite

From $1,008

Room size: 28m2

Our Orchid/Hibiscus suites at Parkway East offer a luxurious and private space that comes equipped with a wide range of amenities.

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