Hospital Admissions

The safety of our patients is our utmost priority. For updates on the latest visitation guidelines, please refer to our visitor and patient advisory.

We are here to help make your admission and stay as smooth as possible. Be prepared with information on what to expect during pre-admission, during your stay, and upon your discharge.

Note: For maternity pre-admission, please refer to the Birth and Delivery page for additional information and checklists.

Appointment & medical enquiry


Your doctor or clinic will make the necessary reservations for your admission. For priority service, do ensure that your doctor has registered your details online.

For a faster and hassle-free hospital admission, you can choose to pre-register with us in advance.

To pre-register, you can present your identity card, passport or FIN card at our Business Office any time before your date of admission.

During the financial counselling at our office, you will be informed of our payment process and your estimated bill size.

Plan to use your insurance? If your insurance company, benefits administrator or employeris assisting to settle your bill, you need to produce a valid and complete Letter of Guarantee. Learn more about using your insurance.

Calculate your estimated hospital bill size

Use our Hospital Bill Estimator to estimate your out-of-pocket costs for common surgical procedures based on your integrated shield plan and riders.

During admission

We will contact you the day before your admission date and inform you about your allocated room.

When to arrive

On the day of admission, you should arrive at the hospital at the time specified by your doctor.

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If your doctor has told you that you need blood on standby for surgery, you need to check in before your surgery date for blood grouping and cross-matching.

Please check into the hospital before 1.00pm on the day before your surgery date. If your surgery has been scheduled for a Monday, check in on Saturday before 11.00am.

Where to go

When you arrive at the hospital, proceed directly to the room allocated to you. Once there, one of our nurses will process your check-in.

If you are unsure of where to go, the Concierge at the main lobby will be pleased to assist you.

View map and directions to Parkway East Hospital.

What to bring

When you come to the hospital, please ensure that you bring the following:

  • Referral letter from your doctor
  • Your identity card, passport, birth certificate or FIN card
  • Any medical benefits card or Letter of Guarantee from your insurance company or employer (only applicable for companies that have credit arrangements with the hospital)
  • Your own personal toiletries, such as toothbrush and shaving kit (basic toiletries, towels and robes will be available in your room)

Your hospital stay

From well-appointed rooms to in-house entertainment and meal service, our aim is to make your stay feel like home so you can focus on your recovery.

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We provide a range of facilities and services for a comfortable stay. They include nursing services, telephone services, in-house entertainment, meals and dietetic service, room security and general housekeeping services.

View the full list of room facilities and services.

If you require a nurse during your stay, do use the nursing call handset located by your bed. It connects you with our nursing staff 24 hours a day. There are additional call bells located in the bathroom.

Our dedicated team of nurses and healthcare assistants will be on hand to attend to you.

If you require the services of a private nurse, do inform our ward staff. They will assist you in contacting a private nursing agency. Payment for private nurses will be separately arranged between yourself and the nursing agency.

After your stay

After your discharge, we can help you with any rehabilitation and other services that you may require for your recovery.

Discharge from hospital

The full amount of the hospital bill will be collected when you are discharged. Our accepted modes of payment include cash, cheque, NETS, MediSave and major credit cards.

Find out about hospital billing and payment.

Additional care

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If you require additional care after your discharge, our team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and therapy assistants are on hand to aid you on your road to recovery.

Find out more about our rehabilitation services.

Once you are discharged, you may need follow-up rehabilitation at home.

We can provide the equipment you will need to continue your recovery such as a hospital bed, wheelchair or commode chair.

If you are physically unable to come to the hospital as an outpatient to continue your rehabilitation programme, we can make arrangements.

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MyHealth360 mobile app

If your doctor has pre-registered for you, download the MyHealth360 app for a smoother admission. You can also use MyHealth360 to access a full range of healthcare services, including appointment booking, lab results and hospital bills. Learn more

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