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Mount Elizabeth Insurance Coverage

    Insurance Coverage

    • Overview

      Although Parkway East is a private healthcare hospital, we are Medisave-accredited. As such, you can use Medisave to pay for your hospital charges. You may also use Medisave-approved Insurance plans or other local or international insurance plans to pay for your charges.

    • Our Cashless Service

      Eligible patients are able to admit into Parkway East Hospital with no deposit and no payment required upon discharge

      Find out more about our cashless service.

    • Medisave

      As a national healthcare savings scheme, Medisave enables Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to pay for their own hospital charges as well as that of their immediate family members.

      Medisave can only be used to pay for surgical procedures and Inpatient treatment approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition to this, the daily withdrawal limits for Medisave are $450 per day for inpatients and $300 for day surgery patients. To help us process your payment via Medisave, you will need to do the following:

      • During admission, do inform the admissions staff that you intend to use Medisave to pay.
      • Bring along applicant(s) NRIC/Passport.
      • You will also need to sign a Medisave Authorisation Form authorising the CPF Board to deduct the hospital bill from your Medisave account.

      Use the CPF Board Medisave/MediShield calculator to help estimate how much you can claim from Medisave and/or MediShield. 

      For more details on the Medisave scheme, please visit the CPF Board’s or the Ministry of Health’s website.

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    • Medisave-Approved Integrated Insurance Plans

      Apart from the MediShield scheme, there are other Medisave-approved Integrated Shield plans offered by private insurers. Private medical insurance is one such scheme, which allows CPF members to use their Medisave savings to buy Medisave-approved Integrated Shield plans for themselves and their dependants. Medisave-approved Integrated Shield plans include:

      • NTUC IncomeShield
      • AIA Singapore HealthShield
      • Great Eastern SupremeHealth
      • Aviva MyShield
      • Prudential PRUshield

      A Letter of Guarantee is an assurance of payment offered by insurers to hospitals, on behalf of a patient, for the portion of the hospital bill covered by insurance. As a policy holder, if your hospital can obtain a Letter of Guarantee from your insurer, you can reduce the amount of your upfront payment to the hospital.

      For more details on the Medisave scheme, please visit the CPF Board’s or the Ministry of Health’s website

      *Please note that we are unable to accept a Letter of Guarantee that does not have prior credit arrangements with our hospital.

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    • Local and International Health Insurance Plans (including Travel Insurance)

      Various local and international health insurance plans have varying coverage for admissions to private hospitals. Please check with your insurer or agent on your coverage, extent of coverage for your surgery expenses and whether there is a credit arrangement with Parkway East. If so, with a valid Letter of Guarantee (if applicable), you may be required to make payments pertaining to deductibles, co-payments, non-covered fees.

      *Please note that we are unable to accept a Letter of Guarantee from any company or insurance company that does not have prior credit arrangements with the hospital.

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