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Getting to Know Dr Loh Poh Yen

"I am glad to have the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds, listen to them and work together to solve their health problems."
Dr Loh Poh Yen is a gastroenterologist practising at Parkway East Hospital. He has special interests in treating viral hepatitis and advanced liver diseases.
  • Specialty:

    • Gastroenterology
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Malaya
    • Member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK
    • Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine), National University of Singapore
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore
  • Languages Spoken

    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Hokkien
    • Malay
    • Mandarin

Getting to Know Dr Loh Poh Yen

Getting to Know Dr Loh Poh Yen

Q: What motivated you to become a doctor, and how did you decide to become a doctor?

Human interaction is an important part of the medical profession. As a doctor, I am glad to have the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds, listen to them and work together to solve their health problems. All this provides me with great satisfaction when my patients recover from their illnesses. Through this, we also build a good rapport.

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Q: What kind of conditions do you treat, or specialise in treating?

As a gastroenterologist, I treat conditions ranging from gastric and intestinal conditions to abnormal liver problems.

There are a number of endoscopic procedures that can also be done in my clinic. This includes gastroscopy and colonoscopy, certain specialised tests such as pH study to diagnose acid reflux, oesophageal manometry to investigate swallowing difficulty, and hydrogen breath test to look for the causes of abdominal bloating.

I also have training in managing advanced liver diseases and can treat viral hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis (hardening) and liver cancer.

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Q: Could you share your philosophy in treating patients?

We cannot predict the timing of our illnesses. As such, I am always approachable and contactable even after office hours. This is important to ensure the continuation of care.

In order to build trust with my patients, I always discuss with them and guide them to choose the best relevant options for their conditions, and not to overdo unnecessary tests and treatments.

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Q: What are some of the most interesting or fulfilling parts of your job?

I have heartfelt appreciation when I realised that my old patients recommend their family members and friends to see me due to their good experience with my treatments.

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Q: Briefly describe a particularly difficult case that you successfully treated using your expertise.

As I am dual-accredited in two specialties (advanced internal medicine and gastroenterology), the trainings have helped me to be open-minded and always looking at all aspects of a patient’s illness in order to provide the most appropriate management.

There are many times when I diagnosed medical conditions which presented with abdominal symptoms, such as Type 1 diabetes Mellitus with abdominal pain. It would have been missed out if they were first given endoscopy and other incorrect tests.

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Q: In what ways do you think your expertise can improve your patients’ lives?

As most gastrointestinal conditions can be improved with dietary and lifestyle changes, I always take time to counsel my patients about these changes. It helps them have symptom-free gut conditions, improves their overall well-being and reduces the risk of developing other medical conditions.

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