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Getting to Know Dr Lee Chee Wei

"I seek to assess the patient’s condition accurately and find out how it impacts their day-to-day life. I will design the best treatments and discuss each option with the patient, who can choose which suits them best."

Dr Lee Chee Wei is a general surgeon practising at Parkway East Hospital. Dr Lee’s clinical interest is in the treatment of vascular problems, ranging from varicose veins to bypass surgery.

  • Specialty:

    • General Surgery
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, National University of Singapore
    • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore
  • Languages Spoken

    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Hokkien
    • Indonesian
    • Mandarin

Getting to Know Dr Lee Chee Wei

Getting to Know Dr Lee Chee Wei

Q: What kind of conditions do you treat, or specialise in treating?

I am general surgeon and my specialty area is in vascular surgery. I treat conditions that affect the blood vessels in the human body.  #readmore

One common condition that I see is varicose veins. Patients see me when they have unsightly bulging veins in the lower legs that commonly cause pain and a sensation of tightness in the calves when they walk or stand for long periods of time. Some also complain of night cramps.

I will do an ultrasound scan to assess the extent of the varicose veins before recommending an appropriate treatment.

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Q: Do you perform any kind of special treatments? If so, please share a little here.

One of the treatment options for varicose veins that I can do in Parkway East Hospital is called Venefit. This is a minimally invasive treatment option to treat varicose veins without surgical incisions and can be done as a day surgery procedure. #readmore

This benefits the patient as they get to avoid large scars and overnight stays in the hospital. After surgery, patients experience less pain and recover much faster compared to traditional surgery.

For the treatment of small spider veins in the legs, I can offer patients treatment with Veingogh. This is a new technique of applying a small pulse of energy into the veins to cause the spider veins to disappear over the course of treatment.

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Q: Could you share your philosophy in treating patients?

I seek to assess the patient’s condition accurately and find out how their condition impacts their day-to-day life. This will allow me to design a treatment that can best meet their needs. I will discuss all suitable treatment options with the patient so that they are able to choose the treatment that suits them best.

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Q: In what ways do you think your expertise can improve your patients' lives?

The field of vascular surgery is a very dynamic area of medicine. New discoveries and innovations are continually being discovered and these impact how we manage patients with vascular diseases. My training in both the traditional aspects of open vascular surgery and the newer endovascular interventions allow me to give patients a balanced approach to their vascular problems.

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