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Dr Tan Ban Wei Ronny

"To cure sometimes, to relieve often, and to comfort always."
Dr Ronny Tan is a Urologist practising at Parkway East Hospital. He has special interests in andrology, male subfertility, sexual medicine and urological prosthetic surgery.
  • Specialty:

    • Urology
  • Qualifications

    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Singapore
    • Masters of Medicine (Surgery), Singapore
    • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (Urology)
  • Languages Spoken

    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Hokkien
    • Mandarin
    • Teochew

Getting to Know Dr Tan Ban Wei Ronny

Getting to Know Dr Tan Ban Wei Ronny

Q: What kind of conditions do you treat, or specialise in treating?

I am a urologist, a surgeon who deals with problems arising from the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. I treat urinary issues arising from the enlarged prostate, urinary tract stones, cancers of the kidney, bladder, prostate, testes and penis.


My subspecialty is in Andrology, Urological Prosthetic Surgery, Male Subfertility and Sexual Medicine. I treat sexual dysfunction e.g. erectile dysfunction (ED) and ejaculatory disorders. Treatment ranges from medication to devices to surgical procedures including placement of penile prosthesis. I evaluate and treat the subfertile male in couples who have problems conceiving. I also have interest in Peyronie’s disease and like to straighten things out (pun intended) for men who present with penile curvatures. Besides using shockwaves to treat stones, I also use shockwaves to literally shock the penis back to life in men with erectile dysfunction. Recently I have started using shockwave to treat men with chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).

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Q: Could you share your philosophy in treating patients?

To cure sometimes, to relieve often, and to comfort always.

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Q: How does a typical day look like for you working as a doctor?

The morning usually starts in the doctors’ lounge where I will catch up with colleagues over a cup of coffee. If there are patients admitted in the wards, I would review them in the morning before heading to the clinic.

Otherwise, patients who are planned for shockwave treatment for ED or CPPS will be attended to before clinic starts.


The day will mainly be spent in the clinic attending to patients, unless I have surgical procedures planned for in the operating room. In between patients and during lull periods, I would spend the time updating my GP and public talks and read up on the literature to update myself.

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Q: What are some of the most interesting or fulfilling parts of your job?

In the field of Andrology, we administer treatment that does not just benefit the man but also his partner. Relationships can improve after treatment of sexual dysfunction and subfertility. Time is often spent educating the patient and his partner regarding these intimate medical issues, clearing doubts and debunking myths. I always believe that the patient and the doctor has to be on the same page so that the patient will benefit the most from the treatment.

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Q: Briefly describe a particularly difficult case that you successfully treated using your expertise.

I operated on a young man with Peyronie’s disease. He had severe penile curvature that prevented him from having painless intercourse with his wife despite the both of them trying different angles and positions.


He required reconstructive surgery which carried a risk of having numbness in the penis (usually temporary for most patients). The couple discussed and decided to go ahead with the surgery as they were missing out on an important part of their relationship. The surgery went well as we managed to straighten things out for him and as expected he had numbness of the penis which was bothersome in the early weeks of recovery. His wife was supportive and reassuring. The sensation of his penis returned to normal and he was able to have satisfactory intercourse with his wife subsequently and their relationship was stronger than before!

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Q: What kind of treatments do you perform specially?

Correction of penile curvatures due to Peyronie’s disease or congenital penile curvature, placement of penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction, placement of artificial urinary sphincter or urethral slings for urinary incontinence.


Low intensity shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction and CPPS.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy for clinical varicoceles causing either chronic testicular pain or male subfertility.

Sperm retrieval procedures for artificial reproductive techniques.

Greenlight laser vaporisation of the prostate.

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Q: In what ways do you think your expertise can improve your patients’ lives?

By treating patients with urological cancers, I add years to life.

By treating patients with sexual dysfunction, I add life to years.

By treating patients with subfertility, I potentially help create life!

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