Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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Healthy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Last updated: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 | 3 min reading time

Healthy gift ideas

10 Healthy gift ideas for the holidays

For foodies:

A healthy snack subscription

What better way to introduce a friend or family member to a new fave food than by signing them up to a healthy snack box subscription? There are plenty of online options that will deliver delicious and nutritious treats over your choice of days, weeks or months.

Whether you opt for a low-sugar, high-protein, high-fibre, gluten-free or vegan box, it's sure to be a nice (and healthy) surprise every time it pops through the letterbox.

Air fryer

While fried foods shouldn't be a core part of any diet, we all like a 'naughty' treat now and again. Studies have shown that air fryers may help to cut down on the overall fat content of fried foods and promote weight loss because they use far less oil than traditional fryers. It'll change the way your friends and family make fried chicken, noodles, samosas and bhajis forever!

For workout junkies:

Protein shaker

Protein shakes (protein powder mixed with water or milk) can be a great way for gym bods to maximise their muscle gain while working off excess fat. They can also be a good option for vegetarians or vegans who don't get their daily dose of protein from meat.

Know somebody who spends all their spare time in the gym? Get them their own protein shaker so they can mix up drinks at home and on the go!

Smoothie blender

Smoothies can help gym goers to refuel after a long, grueling workout, but they can also be expensive to buy pre-made in the shops. Treat your loved one to a cutting-edge smoothie blender so they can whip up their own shakes and smoothies quickly, easily and cheaply.

For a nutritious boost, they should reach for low-sugar fruits, whey proteins and leafy greens rather than sugary fruit juices, oats or ice cream. Why not throw in a healthy smoothie recipe book too?

For wellness worshippers:

Aromatherapy candle, diffuser or scented bath oil

Products infused with essential oils are thought to help improve mood. Give your loved ones a little boost when they're feeling low, tired or stressed - perfect after the busy festive season!

Popular scents include ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender and chamomile.

Yoga retreat

Yoga has been proven to decrease stress, relieve anxiety and boost quality of life, and could also help to improve heart health, combat depression and reduce chronic pain.

If you know someone who could benefit, why not book them a weekend yoga retreat to learn the basics? If they decide to keep up with lessons, it could end up making a real difference in their life.

For true techies:


One of the easiest ways to stay active and get some exercise is to walk more often. It burns calories, burns fat and can aid with weight loss – and it's completely free! However, when it's hot outside, it's tempting to be lazy and hop in a cab or just get on the MRT.

Encourage a friend or family member with a pedometer so they can see exactly how many steps they are doing in a day. Who knows - it could end up motivating them to walk more!

Sleep tracker

Healthy sleeping patterns benefit everything from concentration and productivity to heart health and immune function.

Know someone who struggles to sleep at night? Sleep trackers monitor breathing and body movements to deliver personalised feedback straight to the user's phone. The trackers take into account bedroom environment (things like sounds, lights and temperatures) as well as lifestyle habits to provide suggestions for a better night's sleep. Game-changer!

For elderly relatives:

Smart water bottle

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water. It keeps our bodies running properly, gives us energy and boosts brain function. On the flip side, dehydration can be dangerous to health – and older people are particularly at risk if they don't maintain their intake.

Make sure your mum, dad, grandma or grandpa is drinking enough with a handy smart water bottle. With markings to track how much they've drank, it'll be both practical and hassle-free!

Orthopaedic pillow

The older we get, the more aches and pains we are likely to have, especially in the morning.

A decent orthopaedic pillow provides support and promotes a better, comfier night's sleep by cradling the neck and keeping the spine in a neutral position during the night. Finding the right size, shape, contour and firmness is important, so you might want to take the recipient along with you when you choose.

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