Parkway East Hospital 2-bedded room

2-Bedded Room

Parkway East Hospital

Room size: 29m2

From $365

*All information contained here is indicative and accurate as of 1 January 2024.

Our 2-bedded rooms are designed with your comfort in mind, and offers a warm and relaxing space to recover in.

Each room has ample amenities that include an in-room safe, free WiFi, and a flat screen TV for your entertainment.

Experience a taste of home in one of our 2-bedded rooms, designed to give you a comfortable, seamless recovery.

If you are expecting, view our 2-bedded room maternity package instead.

Room Amenities

Free WiFi
In-room safe
Multi-function USB power points
Personal wardrobe
In-room telephone

Bath and Toiletries

Shared bathroom


Flat-screen TV
  1. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Price listed is for room charge only. Daily treatment fees apply for inpatient and day surgery cases.
  3. You will receive an estimate of your full bill amount upon admission.
  4. If the hospital charges exceed your first deposit, an additional deposit will be required.
  5. For the most accurate cost for your treatment, please enquire at the hospital directly.

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