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Key achievements

  • Started the male prosthetic urology service for artificial urinary sphincters and penile implants at the National University Hospital
  • Earliest doctor to use low-intensity shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain syndrome in Southeast Asia


Research & publications

Lee, K. C. J., et al. (2021). Clinical Practice Guideline Recommendation on the use of low intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy and low intensity pulsed ultrasound shock wave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction: The Asia-Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine Position Statement. The World Journal of Men’s Health, 39(1), 1.

Lee, K. C. J., et al. (2022). The Asia‐Pacific AMS800 artificial urinary sphincter consensus statement. International Journal of Urology, 30(2), 128–138.

Lee, K. C. J., et al. (2022). Choosing the best way for urinary decompression and developing a novel predictive model for septic shock using SOFA in these patients. International Journal of Urology, 29(12), 1488–1496.

Lee, K. C. J., et al. (2022). Wearable soft microtube sensors for quantitative Home-Based erectile dysfunction monitoring. Sensors, 22(23), 9344.

Lee, K. C. J., et al. (2019). A Small Group Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Daily Pentoxifylline in the Management of Patients With Erectile Dysfunction with Suboptimal Treatment Response to Sildenafil. Sexual Medicine, 8(1), 14–20.

Lee, K. C. J., Tow, C. M., Tang, J. Z. Y., & Chun, C. M. (2022). A rare case of penile schwannomatosis presenting with painful nocturnal penile tumescence. Basic and Clinical Andrology, 32(1).

Law, Y. X. T., & Lee, K. C. J. (2017). Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction: Is it really effective? Journal of Integrative Nephrology and Andrology, 4(3), 71.

Lee, K. C. J., & Brock, G. (2013). Daily Dosing of PDE5 Inhibitors: Where Does it Fit in? Current Urology Reports, 14(4), 269–278.

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