Dr Sirisena Udawattage Dinesh Chaminda - Sports Medicine

Dr Sirisena Udawattage Dinesh Chaminda

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Medical Reviewer


Sports Medicine





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Great Eastern, HSBC Life

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Research & publications

Sirisena, D., Tuang, B. H. H., Ng, Z. Q., & Li, J. Z. (2022). Biomechanical Effects of prophylactic knee bracing on anterior cruciate ligament injury risk: a Systematic review. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 33(1), 78–89.

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Sirisena, D., et al. (2021). Surveying the knowledge of the World Health Organization physical activity guidelines, exercise habits and beliefs of hospital staff. Singapore Medical Journal.

Sirisena, D., Sim, S., Lim, I., & Rajaratnam, V. (2021). Median and ulnar nerve Injuries in Cyclists: A Narrative review. Biomedicine, 11(4), 1–12.

Sirisena, D., Sim, S. H. S., & Jw, C. A. (2020). Towards reducing time loss from play: Illness and injury surveillance in an elite women’s waterpolo team. ResearchGate.

Sirisena, D., Zhang, M., Li, J. Z., & Chew, K. (2020). Impact of COVID-19: Perspectives from Sport and Exercise Medicine. Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, 49(8), 594–596.

Sirisena, D., et al. (2021). Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Spine Injection for axial and radicular Pain: a Single institution early experience. Asian Spine Journal, 15(2), 216–223.

Sirisena, D., Lim, I., Sim, S., Pei-Yein, T., & Rajaratnam, V. (2020). Can the Boston Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questionnaire Be Used as a Screening Tool Among a Potentially High-Risk Population in Singapore? Journal of Hand and Microsurgery, 14(01), 39–46.

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