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Cochlear Implants Surgery

  • What is Cochlear Implant Surgery?

    Parkway East, Minimally Invasive Surgery – Laparoscopic Surgery

    If you have severely damaged cochlear hair and conventional hearing aids are ineffective, a cochlear implant, which does not rely on viable cochlear-hair cells to work, may help.

    There has been increasing evidence to show that cochlear implantation is beneficial even if you have irreversible, one-sided and severe to profound hearing loss (with normal hearing in the other ear), especially if it has occurred recently and is associated with disturbing tinnitus.

  • While hearing aids can be helpful for most individuals, there are some who will derive limited benefits from acoustic amplification. The cochlear implant is an established treatment for you if you have severe to profound hearing loss as it bypasses the damaged structures of the inner ear and directly stimulates the auditory nerve.

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