Infectious Diseases - Overview

What is the infectious diseases specialty?

Infectious disease medicine is the subspecialty of internal medicine, and focuses on diagnosing and managing infections.

It requires an extensive understanding of the types of infections caused by bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic organisms in patients, as well as knowledge about antimicrobial agents, antibiotic resistance, vaccines, and other immunobiological agents. It is a broad-based specialty that encompasses public health and epidemiology, research, novel pathogens and disease transmission.

Infectious diseases physicians are frequently called upon to help diagnose unknown infections and assist in managing difficult, unusual, or complicated infections. Many are either inpatients or outpatients.

For the best patient outcomes, infectious diseases physicians participate in multidisciplinary medical care with nurses, laboratory staff and other medical specialists.

Our approach

At Parkway East Hospital, we focus on prevention and treatment of infections with an eye on your comfort and smooth recovery.

From immunisation to treatments for infectious conditions, our healthcare professionals will take care of your well-being now and into the future.

Why choose Parkway East Hospital?

Parkway East Hospital is the preferred private hospital in the east of Singapore. Helmed by a team of experienced specialists and healthcare professionals, we provide quality and tailored treatments for our patients. We care about your comfort, and help you relax and recover in a friendly setting closer to home.

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