Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - Diagnosis & Treatment

How is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease diagnosed?

To diagnose COPD, your doctor will review your medical history and inquire about your symptoms.

Additional diagnostic tests may also be performed:

How is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease managed and treated?

There is no cure for COPD and treatment involves a combination of therapies to help manage the symptoms and prevent infections that can worsen the condition.

  • Antibiotics to treat lung infections
  • Bronchodilators to relax airways when inhaled in a mist
  • Expectorants to thin the mucous and make it easier to cough up
  • Supplemental oxygen to improve oxygen levels in the blood
  • Vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia to prevent lung infections
  • Rehabilitation to teach effective breathing techniques to reduce shortness of breath
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