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A:  If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, you should speak to your doctor about how to manage the condition properly. This is likely to include pain relief medication and exercises to help strengthen and stretch your back muscles. Other options include spinal injections, back braces or surgery. Avoid any new forms of therapy without consulting your doctor.

A:  Surgical options will depend on a patient’s age and the severity of their condition. For younger children, rods may be inserted to prevent the curve from worsening, which will be periodically lengthened as they grow. For teenagers, a spinal fusion may be recommended. Surgery for adults is usually recommended only if the curve is severe or getting worse or if the pain is severe and other therapies have been unsuccessful.

A:  Scoliosis can affect females and males.

However, in certain types of scoliosis, such as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, females are more likely to suffer from it.

A:  In Singapore and surrounding countries, orthopaedic surgeons are more likely to have the expertise to treat and take care of patients with scoliosis.

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