Soft Tissue Sarcoma - Diagnosis & Treatment

How is soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed?

Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may only diagnose soft tissue sarcoma when the tumour has grown noticeable. Your doctor may:

  • Ask for your family medical history.
  • Conduct a physical examination.
  • Send you for imaging tests such as ultrasound scans or whole body PET-CT scans.
  • Perform a biopsy to remove a tissue sample of your tumour for further analysis.

How is soft tissue sarcoma treated?

Depending on the site and size of the tumour, your doctor may recommend these treatments:

  • Surgery to remove the tumour along with some surrounding healthy cells to ensure complete removal of the cancer cells. In a very small number of cases, there may be no better option but to amputate the affected body part (e.g. leg).
  • Radiotherapy, where high-energy radiation is used to kill the cancer cells. Radiotherapy may be used to shrink the tumour before surgery or destroy possible remaining cancer cells after surgery.
  • Chemotherapy and targeted drug treatment to kill the cancer cells.
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