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Mount Elizabeth Bill Settlement

Bill Settlement

We accept various modes of payment including cash, NETS, Medisave and any major credit cards.

In consideration of our international patients, we also accept major foreign currencies. If your bill is to be settled by your employer or insurance company with direct billing arrangements with the hospital, you must produce a letter of guarantee / hospitalisation identity card from your employer or insurance company that clearly states your room type and your NRIC/passport number. We are unable to accept a letter of guarantee from any company or insurance company that does not have prior credit arrangements with the hospital.

If your insurance company, benefits administrator or employer is assisting to settle your bill, you must produce a valid and complete letter of guarantee. Our hospital will only accept Letters of Guarantee that have prior credit arrangements with our hospital.

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Skip the queue by settling your hospital bill online. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Important: Stay vigilant against phishing scams and do not share personal information with unverified sources. For more details, please refer to our security advisory.

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