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Maternity Tours

Giving birth at Parkway East Hospital

At Parkway East, we offer different types of maternity rooms to cater to your unique needs. We take care to ensure every attempt is made to help you enjoy the first hours and days with the newest member of your family.

Our maternity ward consists of:

  • 1 delivery suite with 5 delivery rooms and a 2-bedded first stage room
  • 1 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with 7 cots
  • 1 nursery with 11 cots
  • 1 parentcraft room
  • 1 deluxe room
  • 5 single rooms
  • 8 two-bedded rooms
  • 2 four-bedded rooms

If you are expecting, it's likely you have many questions on your mind about childbirth and hospital stays.

Join our virtual hospital tour of our maternity wards to get the answers you need, so you know what to expect when your bundle of joy arrives at Parkway East Hospital.

Why join a maternity webinar?

Whether you are a new mum or an experienced one, we have designed our maternity webinars to prepare you for a wonderful childbirth experience at Parkway East Hospital.

You and your partner will enjoy these benefits when you join our virtual maternity tour:

  • Learn more about our maternity packages, facilities and services.
  • Find out how to prepare for the day of your birth and delivery.
  • Meet experienced staff and clarify any questions on childbirth and postnatal care.
  • Get helpful tips to ensure a smooth and fuss-free hospital stay experience.
Tip: We recommend joining our maternity webinar at the start of your third trimester, in your 7th month of pregnancy.

Sign up for a Maternity Webinar

Picture your stay with us, and discover why Parkway East Hospital offers one of the best maternity packages in Singapore. Sign up for a maternity webinar and learn more about our maternity rooms and services.

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Tip: You can explore the interiors of selected wards online. Browse our maternity packages to learn more.