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Maternity Services

Welcome to the start of a fulfilling journey to parenthood with Parkway East Hospital.

  • Welcome Your Newborn with Us

    Welcome your newborn with us

    The birth of your newborn is something to look forward to but the experience can be a daunting one. Parkway East Hospital strives to provide a comfortable environment for our delivering mothers. With a dedicated nursing support team and a wide range of amenities, we want your stay here to feel like home.

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  • Maternity Tour

    Parkway East Hospital tour

    Join our maternity tour to learn about the maternity services and facilities we offer. The tour will allow us to answer all your questions about the maternity experience at Parkway East Hospital. We also provide personalised maternity tours to cater to your needs and privacy.

    Maternity tours are available from Monday to Friday at 2.30pm, and Saturday at 10am.

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  • Maternity Packages

    Parkway East Hospital maternity package

    You just need to think of a name. We will take care of everything else.

    Every year, Parkway East Hospital welcomes the birth of more than 2,000 babies and continues to be one of the leading private hospitals providing an extensive suite of obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric and neonatal services.

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    Procedure Package price (S$)*           Medisave claimable limit (S$)* (incl. doctor and hospital fees)
    Delivery  Delivery with
    vacuum / forceps
    Delivery with
    antenatal programme**
    Delivery with
    antenatal programme**
    with vacuum / forceps
    Normal / Assisted Delivery
    Deluxe room (2 days)         3,983 1,650 2,150 2,550 3,050
    Single room (2 days) 3,734 1,650 2,150 2,550 3,050
    2-bedded room (2 days) 2,496 1,650 2,150 2,550 3,050
    4-bedded room (2 days) 2,319 1,650 2,150 2,550 3,050
    Caesarean Delivery (elective)
    Deluxe room (3 days) 6,438 3,500 NA 4,400 NA
    Single room (3 days)                        5,949 3,500 NA 4,400 NA
    2-bedded room (3 days)            4,098 3,500 NA 4,440 NA
    4-bedded room (3 days) 3,786 3,500 NA 4,440 NA

    *Terms and conditions apply. All prices are with 7% GST.

    **Please produce the original antenatal receipt from your doctor’s clinic for an additional Medisave claim.

  • Maternity Ward

    Parkway East Hospital delivery ward

    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting experiences in a woman’s life. It is a time of happiness and expectations, accompanied with physical and emotional changes.

    Here at Parkway East Hospital, we provide you with a warm, supportive environment with dedicated nursing care. We take care to ensure every attempt is made to help you enjoy the first hours and days with the newest member of your family.

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    Our maternity ward consists of:

    • 1 delivery suite with 5 delivery rooms and a 2-bedded first stage room
    • 1 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with 14 cots
    • 1 nursery with 30 cots
    • 1 parentcraft room
    • 1 deluxe room
    • 5 single rooms
    • 8 two-bedded rooms
    • 2 four-bedded rooms
    • Parkway East Hospital deluxe room

    Deluxe Room

    21m2, from $708

    Enjoy warmth and comfort in the privacy of your spacious deluxe room as you bond with your new bundle of joy while surrounded by your family. Feel at home with ample amenities and the convenience of processing your hospital discharge right at your bedside. 

    Room Amenities

    • Maternity menu
    • Luxurious and comfortable lounge sofa for lodger
    • Reading table
    • Armchair to cater to visitors
    • Flat screen TV with over 20 cable channels
    • Free WiFi


    • Minibar fridge
    • Electronic safe deposit box
    • Wardrobe
    • Telephone
    • Adjoining bathroom
    • Parkway East Hospital single room

    Single Room

    19m2, from $618

    Enjoy warmth and comfort in the privacy of your single room as you bond with your new bundle of joy, while surrounded by your family. Feel at home with ample amenities and the convenience of processing your hospital discharge right by your bedside.

    Room Amenities

    • Maternity menu
    • Luxurious and comfortable lounge sofa for lodger
    • Armchair to cater to visitors
    • Flat screen TV with over 20 cable channels
    • Free WiFi


    • Minibar fridge
    • Electronic safe deposit box
    • Wardrobe
    • Telephone
    • Adjoining bathroom
    • Parkway East Hospital 2-Bedded Room

    2-Bedded Room

    29m2, from $305

    Enjoy all the warmth and comfort for a smooth recovery as you bond with your new bundle of joy.

    Room Amenities

    • Maternity menu
    • Armchair to cater to visitors
    • Flat screen TV with over 20 cable channels
    • Free WiFi


    • Electronic safe deposit box
    • Wardrobe
    • Telephone
    • Shared bathroom
    • Parkway East Hospital 4-Bedded Room

    4-Bedded Room

    58m2, from $240

    Enjoy all the warmth and comfort for a smooth recovery as you bond with your new bundle of joy.

    Room Amenities

    • Maternity menu
    • Armchair to cater to visitors
    • Flat screen TV with over 20 cable channels
    • Free WiFi


    • Electronic safe deposit box
    • Wardrobe
    • Telephone
    • Shared bathroom
  • Enjoy the following coverage for your newborn and family with your maternity package* at Parkway East Hospital.

    AIA Baby Care

    This plan will pay a daily hospitalisation benefit for up to 30 days, in the event that your newborn is admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) due to any of the listed 20 congenital illnesses.

    NICU Hospital Cash Amount covered $500/day
    Length of Cover 1 year from date of birth

    *Terms & conditions apply

    AIA Family Care

    This plan provides you and your family with a 1-year round-the-clock protection, covering a range of benefits should an accident happen to you or your family*.

    Benefits Amount Covered
    Insured Per Year (S$)
    1. Accidental Death Benefit
    In the event of death of the insured due to any accident within 365 days from the date of accident, a lump sum benefit shall be paid.
    2. Accidental Death on Public Conveyance Benefit
    In the event of death of the insured due to any accident while traveling as a passenger on public transport within 365 days from the date of accident, a lump sum benefit shall be paid.
    3. Accidental Medical Reimbursement Benefit
    In the event the insured needs to seek medical treatment or is hospitalised as a result of an accident within 52 weeks from the date of accident, the policy will reimburse medical bills up to $750 per family per year.
    Up to 250
    4. Recuperation Benefit
    If the insured is diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease after more than 90 days following the effective date of the policy, benefit will only be paid one-time regardless of the number of hand, foot mouth disease suffered by the insured member.

    *Terms & conditions apply

    To find out more about AIA Baby Care, AIA Family Care or enhanced coverage options, please contact +65 6349 6529 or email parkwaybaby@aia.com.sg

    *Terms & Conditions

    • Coverage for AIA Baby Care plan is automatic upon sign-up of maternity package within 38 weeks of pregnancy term at Parkway East Hospital.
    • Baby needs to be confined in NICU ward at Parkway East Hospital for a minimum of 6 consecutive hours.
    • AIA Baby Care plan covers 20 congenital illnesses: Anal atresia, congenital cataract, congenital deafness, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, infantile hydrocephalus, tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessel, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, spina bifida, cleft palate/lip, cerebral palsy, congenital dislocation of hip, retinopathy of prematurity, chromosome 5p deletion syndrome, congenital erythropoietic porphyria, congenital pulmonary airway malformation, Kabuki syndrome, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, truncus arteriosus. For definitions of these congenital illnesses, please write to parkwaybaby@aia.com.sg
    • Sign-up for AIA Family Care plan by filling in the AIA Interest Form and returning it to the AIA Financial Service Consultant within 6 months of maternity package sign-up.
    • AIA Family Care covers the applicant and her immediate family members, which includes your spouse and legal children. Coverage for the newborn will only start after birth.
    • By signing up for the maternity package, I consent to Parkway Hospitals Singapore Pte Ltd, their representatives, and/or agents collecting, using and disclosing my personal data to AIA for the purpose of effecting and administering my coverage under the AIA Baby Care plan.
    • There are exclusions, such as pre-existing conditions, whereby no benefits will be payable. Waiting period is applicable before the benefits will be payable. You are advised to read the relevant policy contract for details.
  • Getting Ready for Your Delivery


    Pre-registration is one of the most important things you should take care of before your baby's birth. It is recommended that you visit the hospital about 1 month before your delivery due date to pre-register. This service is offered as a convenience, and enables you to go through your delivery without excessive paperwork. This way, you will not have to worry about registering when you are in labour.

    To pre-register, come to the hospital's admission counter on level 1 with your identity card or passport. If you would like to claim from your husband's Medisave, bring your marriage certificate and his identity card.

    You will be pre-registered and given an envelope of documents which you have to bring along when you admit to the hospital to deliver your baby.

    What to get ready and bring along upon admission

    Pack your suitcase after your 34th week. Prepare 2 days' worth of clothes for a normal delivery, and 4 days' worth for a caesarean section.

    Bring along the following:

    For the mother:

    • Your birth plan
    • 2 sets of outfits (preferably with front openings for breastfeeding)
    • Disposable underwear
    • Toiletries (a basic toiletries pack will also be provided)
    • Nursing bra
    • Maternity pads
    • Slippers
    • Marriage certificate
    • Identity card / passport
    • Letter from your doctor, laboratory results (if any)
    • Cord blood collection kit (if any)

    For the father:

    • Camera
    • A warm jacket

    For your baby:

    • Receiving blanket / baby blanket
    • Baby mittens and booties (if you wish)
    • Baby hat
    • 1 outfit for the trip home

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    When You are in Labour

    Pregnancy check-up

    Bring along your lab test results and the letter given by your doctor. This letter provides our staff with instructions on your delivery procedures. The nurses will then call your doctor and prepare you for delivery.

    If you come to the hospital after office hours, or if you are in advanced labour, go straight to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department. The nurses will bring you and your husband to the delivery suite immediately.

    At the Delivery Suite

    Parkway East Hospital delivery suite

    The delivery suite at Parkway East Hospital is very accommodating. We believe in family-centred birthing and we encourage your husband to be with you throughout your labour. You and your husband can bond with your baby right from birth in the delivery room. The delivery room is fully equipped with all the necessary medical equipment to assist with your labour. A fetal monitor by your bedside will allow you to watch your baby’s heartbeat. Nurses will be monitoring the condition of your baby and yourself, in the delivery room and from outside as well.

    Once your baby arrives, you and your husband can watch while your baby is checked, bathed and weighed. This heart-warming scene will be the first of many future happy memories you will have with your child.

    You will get to hold your baby before you are transferred to the maternity ward. We recommend that you breastfeed your newborn as soon as possible, while in the delivery room. This may be the perfect time to bond with the baby, since most healthy term babies are alert during the first hour or so after birth. Initiating breastfeeding within 1 hour of birth is one the ten steps to successful breastfeeding.

    Nutritious Confinement Menu

    Nutritious confinement menu

    We serve a delicious and nutritious (halal) menu of confinement dishes that will aid in your postnatal recovery. Inspired by traditional confinement recipes, you will find familiar ingredients like sesame oil, ginger, black vinegar, eggs, red dates, chicken and fish.

    Parentcraft Class

    Neonatal care for infants

    Our parentcraft team will guide you on caring for your baby. Learn skills such as bathing, caring for your baby’s umbilical cord stump, breastfeeding and how to burp your baby. You will also pick up nutrition tips for breastfeeding and advice on maternity confinement. Parentcraft classes are available during your maternity stay and after you discharge from the hospital. A video on parentcraft tips is also available on the TV within your room.

    Birth Registration

    Birth registration services are available at our hospital's admission counter from 2.30pm – 4.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday within 14 days of your child's birth. Birth registration is strictly by appointment only. For enquiries and appointment, please call 6340 8600, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

    Please bring along the following:

    • Completed form BD 13-11/96 (obtain at the main admissions counter)

    • NRIC / passports of both parents

    • Original marriage certificate

    • Notification of Live Birth document (provided by the hospital upon your baby’s birth)

    • Registration fee of $39.40 (cash)*

    * Price with 7% GST

  • Antenatal Programme

    Parentcraft class

    Our antenatal classes are designed to guide parents-to-be with valuable tips on preparing for and managing childbirth, and the caring of your newborn. Husbands are encouraged to attend these sessions together.

    Nutrition: Eating for 2 – Simply Nutritious, Simply Delicious

    Our nutritionist will show you how to make healthy food choices during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

    • How to use the food guide pyramid
    • Vital vitamins and minerals for the baby
    • Weight watching
    • Manage common discomforts like heartburn and fluid retention

    Baby Massage

    • Bond with your newborn through touch

    Parentcraft Session 1

    • All you need to know for a smooth delivery
    • Problems women may experience during delivery
    • How to know that you are in labour
    • Understand the stages of labour and how to manage
    • Pain relief
    • Admission procedures
    • Ward tour

    Parentcraft Session 2

    Learn to care for your baby:

    • Breastfeeding
    • Preparing for the baby's arrival
    • Bathing your baby
    • Sterilising the breast pump and bottles
    • The father's role

    Exercise Session 1

    • Exercises during pregnancy

    Exercise Session 2

    • Relaxation and preparation for labour and childbirth

    Exercise Session 3

    • Review of prenatal exercises and getting back into shape with postnatal exercises

    Participants are advised to put on comfortable clothes, shoes and pants for the exercise. To benefit from the programme, it is recommended that you attend the class when you are 4 months pregnant.

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  • Fit Mummy Physio-Pilates

    Physio-Pilates Programme

    Prenatal exercise

    What is Physio-Pilates?

    A dedicated physiotherapy and pilates exercise programme for expectant mothers who want to maintain their fitness levels and prepare their bodies for the demands of labour and motherhood.

    Benefits of Physio-Pilates

    Pilates is an ideal form of workout for pregnant mothers as it is low impact and gentle on the body while improving strength, flexibility and balance. Combined with a physiotherapeutic approach, physio-pilates helps expectant mothers to manage the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy better. Other benefits include:

    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Reduced back pain, stress and muscle tension
    • Reduced strain during movement
    • Improved sleep
    • Improved balance and posture
    • Improved breathing techniques to assist labour
    • Strengthening the stomach, gluteal and leg muscles
    • Strengthening the pelvic floor
    • Speeding up post-pregnancy recovery

    Fit Mummy Physio-Pilates Trial Fit Mummy Express Pack (3+1 Sessions) Fit Mummy Bootcamp (5+1 Sessions)
    15-min consultation 1 consultation 1 consultation
    30-min trial session 3 Pilates sessions 5 Pilates sessions
    Free Exercise Band
    $82* $325* $450*

    *Prices shown with GST

    Terms & conditions:
    Advance booking is required. Please call +65 6340 8738 to make a booking.

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  • Pre-conception Screening

    Pre-conception screening

    For a complication-free pregnancy and a healthy baby, your preparation should start even before your pregnancy. Pre-conception care is becoming more important as it becomes increasingly common for couples to start childbearing only in their 30s. Your pre-pregnancy health and lifestyle can have an impact on the progress and outcome of your pregnancy.

    Pre-conception care involves health screening, physical assessment, vaccinations and counselling. These are the potential risk factors for pregnancy:

    • Potential for inherited genetic diseases
    • Exposure to environmental toxins and teratogens (infections, drugs or chemicals that may affect the development of the fetus)
    • Nutritional status
    • Use of tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs
    • Medical conditions
    • Exposure to infectious diseases and vaccination status
    • Psychosocial concerns

    The screening is designed to fully prepare you and your partner for a healthy pregnancy. This is an opportunity to resolve any existing health issues.

    The screening includes the following:

    • Detailed consultation
    • Review of medical history
    • Basic gynaecological examination
    • Breast examination
    • Weight (body mass index) analysis
    • Blood pressure
    • Pap smear
    • Pelvic ultrasound
    • Full blood count
    • Blood grouping
    • Hepatitis B screening
    • Diabetes screening
    • Rubella (German measles) antibody testing
    • Venereal disease screening
    • HIV (AIDS) screening

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  • Our Specialists

    Our specialists

    Pregnancy is one of life's wonderful joys. Parkway East Hospital will be with you every step of the way, from antenatal to your post-natal care needs. Our hospital has the necessary technology and medical expertise to provide the exceptional care required by patients with normal and even high-risk pregnancies. Feel at home with our doctors by hearing directly from them on their experiences and philosophy for patient care.

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