Heart Truth #8

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Heart Truth #8: Heart Issues in the Family

Last updated: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 | 2 min reading time

Heart Issues in the Family

A tendency toward heart disease can cluster in families. Thus, family medical history offers important information for identifying risk in individuals. Such histories can capture the effects and interactions of shared genetic and environmental factors that lead to disease in a family.

A history of heart disease in the family is a risk factor, so go for a heart screening to identify any problems early. Nobody will think you're silly if you're wrong – it's better to have it checked out!

Early and accurate diagnosis can be key to successful treatment. When a heart condition is discovered early through regular heart screening, the treatment required tends to be less invasive and more likely to succeed.

For your peace of mind, talk to one of our heart specialists today or read about how to make healthcare insurance claims to cover your hospital bills.

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