Magnetic Resonance Arthrography Scan

What is magnetic resonance arthrography?

Magnetic resonance arthrography (MRA) is an imaging test widely used to look at the joints, such as hip, shoulder or wrist.

MRA is similar to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but shows better images. A contrast solution called gadolinium is given to swell the joint, outline joint structures and show any soft tissue tears and defects.

An MRA scan is a good way to look at swollen joints and can be done for any joint.

Why do you need magnetic resonance arthrography?

An MRA is designed to diagnose problems with a joint with the use of the contrast agent.

The contrast agent improves the view of the joint structures and allows better evaluation of any joint abnormalities.

What are the risks and complications of magnetic resonance arthrography?

Some MRA risks include:

  • An undetected metal implant which may be affected by the strong magnetic field.
  • Possible effects on early pregnancy. MRA is generally avoided in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Unless there is a strong medical reason to use MRA, your doctor may use other methods of imaging, such as ultrasound, on you if you are pregnant.

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Estimated cost

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Our diagnostic radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons

At Parkway East Hospital, our experienced diagnostic radiologists work together with our bone surgeons to deliver high-quality MRA results for a customised patient treatment plan.

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